So Many Projects, So Little Time...

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite new Blogs...

You are gonna LOVE all her shabby-chic/cottage type craft ideas for your Home.

And these... Well read the Title and weep my darlings.

YES, that does say "spend UNDER $10.00 & takes UNDER one hour to make"
(anyone need a tissue - lol)

Ok, you know what to do now... Click on that LINK -->

320 * Sycamore: under $10 and under 1 hour


How To Sew A Pillow (EASY!!)

Ok ladies, this here is one of my famous S-B-S posts for today... (short-but-sweet)

Found this lovely little blog and of course as soon as I saw the 'Tutorial' AND how quick & easy it looked I knew I had to post this one for you (and for myself of course!) - lol

And....  not to mention I LOVE her entire Website, it's definitely one of my New-FAVS!

She has absolutely TONS of Vintage-Thrifty-Goodness goin on over there at her blog, so be sure to check out all her other posts as well!

ok, back to that fabola Tut/DIY.
It is pretty self-explanatory and she gives such great instructions with LOTS of good pics for ya, so without any further a-do...

Y'all know to click on that purty lil high-lighted LINK below this right? -->

well, lots of love & blessins all'round...

Vintage Revivals: How To Sew A Pillow (EASY!!)