Some Christmas Crafts, Some Kids Crafts, And Some Quick & Easy Family Craft Projects

This year give Christmas a personal touch with handmade crafts as gifts.
Making presents for Christmas is an age-old tradition and this is the one time of year that even the busiest moms can squeeze in the time to sit down and create something with the kiddies.
Not to mention that it is creating some wonderful lasting memories for you and the kids too! ;)
And hey, some of these ideas are definitely much easier than going out, hitting the shopping malls and battling the crowds to buy gifts, so why not try making something handmade, from home this year...
I know my mom has always told me, "I would MUCH rather have something from you home-made, in which you put your thought, time, efforts & love... than anything that you can just run out to a store and buy."

So below is a LINK to a site that I ran across today & I really like these craft projects (with very easy tutorials included).
I think you will enjoy them too!
Happy Crafting!

Christmas Craft - Kids Craft - Craft Projects - Kidspot Australia  


FREE Quilted Pillow Tutorial from Moda Bake Shop

LOVE this site!!
And... love that she features free tutorials.

Isn't this just an adorable pillow, Y'all!

And it can be such a cute shabby-chic, or cottage-look using your own fabric choices of course.

Well, when you have a chance look over the entire site, I guarantee it will become one of your favorite go-to sites!

Moda Bake Shop: That's the Ticket Pillow!  


Repurpose Your Old Clothing into Crafts!

I LOVE this idea!
And I wouldn't have to buy anything from a thrift shop (as it suggests in the original article)because I already have so many older clothing items that would be just perfect for repurposing into something cute and crafty.
LOL, so check out the entire article at the link below & hopefully you will find this idea as eco-friendly and creative as I do.
Happy Crafting!

Rags to Riches: Recycled Clothing Crafts 



Some Favorites from Craftgawker

This is one of MY top 3 most favorite craft sites!

If you LOVE crafting -- I KNOW you will love this site!

*so click on the LINK below*

most favorited all-time - page 11 craftgawker